All eyes on S4

Find out how people in Zurich used their eyes to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 of their own. It’s inbuilt Smart Pause function means the S4 knows when someone is looking at it. The longer a participant stares at the screen, the bigger the discount is. But watch out! The game ends the moment eye contact ends. An S4 was handed out for free after 60 minutes.

A tune a day – Tim Buckley

Long afloat on shipless oceans
I did all my best to smile
‘Til your singing eyes and fingers
Drew me loving to your isle
And you sang
Sail to me, sail to me
Let me enfold you
Here I am, here I am
Waiting to hold you

Did I dream you dreamed about me ?
Were you hare when I was fox ?
Now my foolish boat is leaning
Broken lovelorn on your rocks
For you sing
‘Touch me not, touch me not
Come back tomorrow
Oh my heart, oh my heart
Shies from the sorrow’

I am puzzled as the oyster
I am troubled as the tide
Should I stand amid your breakers ?
Or should I lie with death my bride ?
Hear me sing
‘Swim to me, swim to me
Let me enfold you
Here I am, here I am
Waiting to hold you’

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

General Keyboard Shortcuts

  • F1  ::  Display Help
  • F2  ::  Rename the selected item
  • F3  ::  Search for a file or folder
  • F4  ::  Display the Address bar list in Windows Explorer
  • F5 :: Refresh the active window
  • F6  ::  Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
  • F7  ::  Check Spelling in open document
  • F10  ::  Activate the menu bar in the active program
  • CTRL+A  ::  Select all items in a document or window
  • CTRL+C  ::  Copy the selected item
  • CTRL+X  ::  Cut the selected item
  • CTRL+V  ::  Paste the selected item
  • CTRL+Z  ::  Undo an action
  • CTRL+Y  ::  Redo an action
  • SHIFT+DELETE  ::  Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first  (Outlook Tip also)
  • SHIFT+F10  ::  Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
  • SHIFT when you insert a CD  ::  Prevent the CD from automatically playing
  • CTRL+ESC  ::  Open the Start menu
  • CTRL+SHIFT with an arrow key  ::  Select a block of text
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ESC  ::  Open Task Manager
  • CTRL+F4  ::  Close the active document (in programs that allow you to have multiple documents open simultaneously)
  • CTRL+ALT+TAB  ::  Use the arrow keys to switch between open items
  • CTRL+Mouse scroll wheel  ::  Change the size of icons on the desktop
  • ALT+ESC  ::  Cycle through items in the order in which they were opened
  • ALT+ENTER  ::  Display properties for the selected item
  • ALT+F4  ::  Close the active item, or exit the active program
  • ALT+SPACEBAR  ::  Open the shortcut menu for the active window
  • ALT+UP ARROW  ::  View the folder one level up in Windows Explorer
  • ALT+TAB  ::  Switch between open items
  • ALT+SHIFT+TAB  ::  Switch between open items in reverse order
  • Windows logo key + TAB  ::  Cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D
  • CTRL+Windows logo key + TAB  ::  Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D
  • ESC  ::  Cancel the current task


Windows 8 Metro Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Windows Key Jump between Start Metro Desktop and Previous App
ESC Return to Previous App
Windows Key + spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
Windows Key + Y Peek at the Desktop
Windows Key + X Open Windows 8 Advanced Tools Context Menu
Windows Key + O Lock device orientation
Windows Key + V Cycle through toasts
Windows Key + Shift + V Cycle through toasts in reverse order
Windows Key + Enter Launch Narrator
Windows Key + PgUp Move Tiles to the Left
Windows Key + PgDown Move Tiles to the Right
Windows Key + Shift + . Move Metro App Split Screen Left
Windows Key + . Move Metro App Split Screen Right
Winodws Key + S Open App Search
Windows Key + F Open File Search
Windows Key + C Open Charms Bar
Windows Key + I Open Charms Settings
Windows Key + K Opens Connect Charm
Windows Key + H Open Share Charm
Windows Key + Q Open Search Pane
Windows Key + W Open Search Settings
Windows Key + Z Open App Bar
Arrow Keys Select Metro Apps Left, Right, Up, Down
CTRL + Arrow Right Move 1 Page Right on Metro UI Menu
CTRL + Arrow Left Move 1 Page Left on Metro UI Menu
Arrow Key, ALT + Arrow Right Move Metro App Right
Arrow Key, ALT + Arrow Left Move Metro App Left
Arrow Key, ALT + Arrow Up Move Metro App Up
Arrow Key, ALT + Arrow Down Move Metro App Down
Windows Key + L Lock Screen
Windows Key + E Launch Windows Explorer on Classic Desktop
Windows Key + R Launch Run Box on Classic Desktop
Windows Key + P Projector Mode – Select Projector Output
Windows Key + U Launch Ease of Access Center
Windows Key + T Launch Classic Desktop with Arrow Key Icon Selection
Windows Key + X Launch Windows Mobility Center on Classic Desktop
Windows Key + B Launch Classic Desktop with Arrow Key Taskbar Icon Selection
Windows Key + M Launch Classic Desktop with Arrow Key Desktop Icon Selection
Windows Key + D Jump to Desktop Mode from anywhere
Arrow Key, App Key Display Unpin Option and Advanced Metro Icon Icons
ALT + F4 Key Closes the active app.
ALT + F4 Key (From the Desktop) Shutdown, Sleep, Switch User, Restart Computer
  • Charms: Icons on the right which offer Search, Share, Start Menu, Devices and Settings.
  • Windows Key: Windows Logo Key on a standard keyboard built for the Microsoft Windows OS.
  • App Key: Application Key picturing a Mouse Cursor on a Menu.  Normally found to the Right of the Spacebar on a standard keyboard.
  • ESC: Escape Key on a standard keyboard.
  • Shift:  Shift Key on a standard keyboard.
  • ALT :  ALT Key on a standard keyboard.
  • PgUp / PgDown: The Page Up and Page Down Key on a standard keyboard.
  • Metro UI : Touch sensitive Windows 8 UI based off the Windows 7 Phone Metro UI Interface.  The Metro “desktop” hosts all Metro based Apps and Non-Metro based Icons.

Brilliant ideas are worthless without rock solid execution

I just want to share with you something I’ve learned in the past few years, and that is without great implementation any brilliant idea is doomed to fail.

While the idea is very important, it is almost worthless without execution. A complete misunderstanding of this idea is presented to people like me quite often by marketing-minded people that keep saying: “I have this great idea, now I just need someone to make it happen”. They consider the hard part over, which for them is coming up with the idea.

Many smart people think this way, see a good idea as a “cash cow”, so they start their own company, start hiring people, start printing business cards with light bulbs on them and expect to make millions from coming up with great ideas, simply by thinking that less creative people would pay them for it. Nothing can be more wrong! The true sign of genius is not in coming up with an idea but rather in implementing it. Even the silliest idea that comes to fruition is still more valuable that something that exists only as a doodle on a piece of paper.

Implementing an idea is much (MUCH!) harder that coming up with it. It takes a lot of planning and hard work to execute one, no wonder why Edison said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. By being able to complete an idea, from concept to execution makes some people have a definite competitive advantage over many others.

Here’s a little example:

With this in mind we see that great ideas are crucial, but only when combined with great execution. Keep that in mind when you work on your next app, novel, script, invention. And good luck!

A tune a day – Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal isn’t an easy person to find. He isn’t on Facebook and never had a MySpace page. No Twitter account, nothing on SoundCloud, not a single BandCamp page with his name attached to it. All I had to guide me was a curious flyer I found tacked to the wall of a used bookstore on Chicago’s west side displaying a rough drawing of a slender man with a bizarre message that started with “I want friends & stuff” and ended with “I am not a Weasel”, signed WILLIS EARL BEAL and a phone number.

Speaking to Willis on the phone is a peculiar, often thrilling experience. He dips in and out conversation – dropping the phone to turn up the TV or radio, or argue with his brother in the background. He’ll pause mid-sentence to rid debt-collectors on call waiting or if you’re lucky, sing one of his many songs. ‘Of course WILLIS EARL BEAL can sing’, I thought the first time this happened. Beal’s songs were immediately arresting, his soulful croon sincerely underscoring lyrics about everyday tedium, fear, and death.



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